7 Reasons to Call the Experts at Jason Brown Plumbing in 2020

As we get back into the swing of things and the holiday haze wears off, the realities of life return. Some of you might be building a new house or renovating an old one; you
might remember a cold winter or find yourself shivering through a cold shower. Whatever the new year brings, here’s seven reasons to call Jason Brown’s qualified plumbers and gas fitters out to your Wellington or Lower Hutt home in 2020.

1. You’re building a new house

If a new house build is in the cards this year, finding a reliable plumber is a must. The plumbers and gas fitters at Jason Brown will make sure the pipes, drains, roof and heating in your new home are all done right. We have vast experience working alongside builders and electricians in Wellington and Lower Hutt for a seamless new build process.

2. You have a renovation project coming up

The most important rooms to get right in a renovation are the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. From painting to tiling to laying new floorboards, there’s plenty of ways to add a DIY touch to your home renovation. But if your plan including moving a toilet, replacing tapware or installing a new bath, make sure you call in the plumbing experts.

3. You are installing a gas appliance

Gas fitters have experience and training that lets us install gas properly and safely so you can enjoy the many benefits of these appliances. You’ll get a gas certificate to prove that your gas stovetop, fireplace or hot water system was installed and tested by a qualified professional.

4. You want continuous hot water

If you’re sick of showers going cold, 2020 might be the year for continuous hot water. Jason Brown supplies and installs top quality hot water systems, like Bosch, Rinnai and Rheem. For hot water that doesn’t run out, give us a call and together we’ll find the best option for your home.

5. You need plumbing repairs

Have you found a leak under your sink? A problem with your toilet? Can’t figure out what’s wrong with your hot water cylinder? Whether it’s a niggly issue that you didn’t get around to in 2019 or a surprise plumbing emergency, Jason Brown can fix it. For plumbing repairs and maintenance in Wellington, Petone or Lower Hutt, call our skilled and trust-worthy plumbers.

5. You’re committed to preventative measures

Perhaps 2020 is the year to take preventative action – to nip things in the bud action before they get out of hand. Now that is a resolution you can actually keep! If you want to front foot potential plumbing issues, get Jason Brown’s team to schedule a maintenance plan so that blocked pipes, leaks or drainage overflow don’t get the best of you down the track.

7. You’re looking ahead on heating

If you suffered through a cold winter last year, now is the time to get your heating sorted. Whether you want to install a gas fireplace, repair a central heating system, or just get some advice on the best way to heat your home, Jason Brown can help.

We look forward to helping make 2020 a year of painless plumbing!