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7 Reasons to Call the Experts at Jason Brown Plumbing in 2020

As we get back into the swing of things and the holiday haze wears off, the realities of life return. Some of you might be building a new house or renovating an old one; you might remember a cold winter or find yourself shivering through a cold shower. Whatever the new year brings, here’s seven […]

Why You Need a Gas Fitter and Other Gas Appliance FAQs

Using gas to heat your home, cook your food or warm your water is energy-efficient, cost-effective and safe – but only when properly installed and maintained. In fact, it is so important to get gas appliances installed safely that it is illegal to do this work if you are not a qualified professional. Here are […]

Time for a Spring Check-Up Around the House

It’s been a long, wet winter in Wellington and I think we’re all holding our breaths that the bulk of the rain has past. After all that wet weather, it’s a good idea to resign the next nice day to doing a check-up around the house. Finding and fixing small leaks or blockages now can […]

Get on Top of Plumbing Maintenance in Wet Wellington Weather

Heavy rain has been causing flooding around the country recently and Wellington is no exception as the region receives one dousing after another. Downtown Wellington was drenched during a lunchtime deluge last month with10mm to 20mm of rain falling in Wellington by 1pm. In the hill suburb of Kelburn, 14mm fell in just one hour. Plumbers […]

New Zealand’s Top Bathroom Trends for 2017

A nice bathroom can feel like the most luxurious thing in the world. In 2017 the opportunity to renovate or build a new bathroom is seen as an opportunity to create a retreat, a sanctuary for body and soul. In terms of design, expect to see new ways of separating bedrooms and bathrooms. Instead of […]

Lack of Wellington Tradesmen May Slow Housing Projects

A number of big housing projects in the Wellington region could be held up by the shortage of plumbers and other tradespeople in the building industry. In February, Wellington City Council announced plans for 750 social and affordable housing units. And Housing New Zealand recently announced plans to build and refurbish a further 713 houses […]

Tips for Saving Water, Energy and Money

We’d all like to save a little money. One thing you can do is try to reduce water and energy bills. Here are some top tips to help save water, power and money in your home. Quick showers Showers account for a lot of the water used in the average household, so by keeping your […]