7 Reasons to Call the Experts at Jason Brown Plumbing in 2020

As we get back into the swing of things and the holiday haze wears off, the realities of life return. Some of you might be building a new house or renovating an old one; you
might remember a cold winter or find yourself shivering through a cold shower. Whatever the new year brings, here’s seven reasons to call Jason Brown’s qualified plumbers and gas fitters out to your Wellington or Lower Hutt home in 2020.

1. You’re building a new house

If a new house build is in the cards this year, finding a reliable plumber is a must. The plumbers and gas fitters at Jason Brown will make sure the pipes, drains, roof and heating in your new home are all done right. We have vast experience working alongside builders and electricians in Wellington and Lower Hutt for a seamless new build process.

2. You have a renovation project coming up

The most important rooms to get right in a renovation are the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. From painting to tiling to laying new floorboards, there’s plenty of ways to add a DIY touch to your home renovation. But if your plan including moving a toilet, replacing tapware or installing a new bath, make sure you call in the plumbing experts.

3. You are installing a gas appliance

Gas fitters have experience and training that lets us install gas properly and safely so you can enjoy the many benefits of these appliances. You’ll get a gas certificate to prove that your gas stovetop, fireplace or hot water system was installed and tested by a qualified professional.

4. You want continuous hot water

If you’re sick of showers going cold, 2020 might be the year for continuous hot water. Jason Brown supplies and installs top quality hot water systems, like Bosch, Rinnai and Rheem. For hot water that doesn’t run out, give us a call and together we’ll find the best option for your home.

5. You need plumbing repairs

Have you found a leak under your sink? A problem with your toilet? Can’t figure out what’s wrong with your hot water cylinder? Whether it’s a niggly issue that you didn’t get around to in 2019 or a surprise plumbing emergency, Jason Brown can fix it. For plumbing repairs and maintenance in Wellington, Petone or Lower Hutt, call our skilled and trust-worthy plumbers.

5. You’re committed to preventative measures

Perhaps 2020 is the year to take preventative action – to nip things in the bud action before they get out of hand. Now that is a resolution you can actually keep! If you want to front foot potential plumbing issues, get Jason Brown’s team to schedule a maintenance plan so that blocked pipes, leaks or drainage overflow don’t get the best of you down the track.

7. You’re looking ahead on heating

If you suffered through a cold winter last year, now is the time to get your heating sorted. Whether you want to install a gas fireplace, repair a central heating system, or just get some advice on the best way to heat your home, Jason Brown can help.

We look forward to helping make 2020 a year of painless plumbing!

Why You Need a Gas Fitter and Other Gas Appliance FAQs

Using gas to heat your home, cook your food or warm your water is energy-efficient, cost-effective and safe – but only when properly installed and maintained. In fact, it is so important to get gas appliances installed safely that it is illegal to do this work if you are not a qualified professional.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions the team at Jason Brown Plumbing & Gas hear from our customers about gas. And if you are looking for a gas fitter to install gas hobs, gas hot water systems, central heating or gas heaters in Wellington or Lower Hutt, give us a call.

I’m very handy! Why can’t I install gas appliances myself?

Fitting gas appliances is not an area for DIY – it’s important to get a certified gas fitter in to install and services anything from gas fires (more efficient alternative to a traditional log fire with ash floor protector) to gas hobs, gas heaters to gas hot water systems. Certified plumbers, drain layers and gas fitters like Jason Brown Plumbing have been specially trained to work with gas appliances. They know how to carry out installation properly, how to test newly installed appliances to ensure safety and how to service the appliances so they continue to run well.

What’s the risk?

The main risk with an untrained installation is a gas leak, which is very serious. This is why gas fitting is a regulated field – our gas fitters know the safely regulations like the back of our hand.

How do I know if a plumber or gas fitter is certified?

Any certified gas technician in NZ will be registered with the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board and have a certification card to prove it. You are welcome to ask to see the card. Always choose a reputable local company – if you’re in Wellington or Lower Hutt, the gas fitters at Jason Brown Plumbing & Gas are always certified.

How can I prove my gas appliances were installed properly?

After testing the appliance they have installed, our Wellington gas fitter will give you a gas certificate for that appliance. You may need to prove to an insurer or a home buyer that your house’s gas hobs, central heating or hot water system was correctly installed, so make sure you keep this certificate in a safe place.

Do gas appliances need servicing?

Yes, gas appliances in the home or workplace need regular servicing to ensure they are working properly and safely. Gas appliances have a very long life – regular upkeep is the best way to make sure they last as long as possible.

What are signs I need a service for my gas hobs, fire, heater or hot water system?

Here are signs you should call our gas fitters to take a look:
• your gas hobs, gas heater or gas central heating isn’t starting up like it used to
• the flames on your gas hobs or gas hot water system are yellow instead of blue
• you notice green stuff (oxidation) in your pipes
• you notice a spike in the power bill.

Give Jason Brown Plumbing & Gas a Call

We safely and properly install and service gas across Wellington and Lower Hutt – give us a call on 04 566 6367.

Time for a Spring Check-Up Around the House

It’s been a long, wet winter in Wellington and I think we’re all holding our breaths that the bulk of the rain has past. After all that wet weather, it’s a good idea to resign the next nice day to doing a check-up around the house. Finding and fixing small leaks or blockages now can save you a lot of money in the future.

Here are some things this Wellington plumber would like you to keep in mind while you give your house a spring once-over.

Look for Leaks and Dampness 

All that winter rain can cause leaks, so spring is a good opportunity to search your house, both inside and out, for signs of dampness, mould and leaks. If your water bill seems unusually high, there’s a good chance that there’s a hidden leak.  

Check Your Gutters 

After the winter we’ve had, muck can accumulate and cause blockages in your gutters. Walk around the perimeter of your house and see if there’s any spot where water is overflowing.

If you need assistance clearing your gutters, your Wellington plumbing expert can help.

Don’t Forget Down Pipes

Remember to check down pipes for hidden blockages as well. Spray water from your hose into the down pipes – if they start to overflow, you’ve got a blockage.

Time for a Spring Check-Up Around the House

Safety First

Safety is of utmost importance when you are doing any work around the house. While doing your spring inspection, always exercise caution: inspect ladders, get a spotter if you’re climbing up, wear comfortable and appropriate clothing and make use of protective eye wear and gloves when needed.

Know When to Call in the Expert

Your local Wellington plumbers at Jason Brown Plumbing are here to help. If there’s a blocked gutter or you notice any damage or leaks, give us a call. Getting a plumber to get on top of things now will save you a headache later on.

Get on Top of Plumbing Maintenance in Wet Wellington Weather

Heavy rain has been causing flooding around the country recently and Wellington is no exception as the region receives one dousing after another. Downtown Wellington was drenched during a lunchtime deluge last month with10mm to 20mm of rain falling in Wellington by 1pm. In the hill suburb of Kelburn, 14mm fell in just one hour.

Plumbers in Wellington are advising of the benefits of a smoothly operating, efficient plumbing system in these heavy weather events. Of course access to clean water is always essential to good health, hygiene and well-being and modern plumbing and drainage can help us all in times of both water shortages and flood events.

That means keeping on top of your plumbing maintenance is important. Most people don’t think about their plumbing until a problem arises. Seasonal plumbing maintenance is something you should do regularly to catch small problems early and avoid more expensive issues later. And spring is the ideal time to get started.

With spring seasonal plumbing maintenance in Wellington, you should be servicing your water-using appliances — water heaters, hot water cylinders, washing machine and dishwasher and inspecting your drains to ensure they are kept clear.

Drains are the key to effective indoor spring plumbing maintenance. Water from heavy storms can seep into cracks in your sewer system causing backups. You can prevent all these problems with regular plumbing maintenance.

When a drain is clogged it adds extra pressure adds on the system. Even a slow drain can cause problems, so avoid a headache in our wet spring Wellington weather and get a clog cleared before it becomes a complete blockage.

So if you do regular checks and find a problem, contact a local Wellington plumber to fix it as soon as possible and you’ll be prepared for more spring downpours.

You don’t have to handle all of your plumbing inspections and repairs alone. When you don’t know what’s wrong, you need assistance with water-related issues, you’re too busy to worry about plumbing maintenance, or the job is too difficult for you to do, contact your local Wellington plumbers to help you.

Wellington plumber Jason Brown Plumbing are your courteous plumbing professionals. We recommend these kinds of regular plumbing maintenance services to all our customers.

Best Kitchen Renovation Tips

New Zealand’s Top Bathroom Trends for 2017

A nice bathroom can feel like the most luxurious thing in the world. In 2017 the opportunity to renovate or build a new bathroom is seen as an opportunity to create a retreat, a sanctuary for body and soul.

In terms of design, expect to see new ways of separating bedrooms and bathrooms. Instead of traditional fixed walls, movable glass or timber screens are dividing sleeping areas from bathing spaces.

New Zealand's Top Bathroom Trends for 2017

Sculptural freestanding baths and black tapware are taking centre stage in 2017. Often on tiled, or polished concrete floors. Freestanding baths are available in many different styles, from clawfoot to oval based. While black tapware is also surging in popularity, it has been known to develop water marks over time and lose its shine.

New Zealanders are also making the most of small spaces and minimalist designs and simple materials in their bathroom. To generate a greater sense of space, think about installing hung vanities and toilets along with recessed wall cabinets. Wet areas are another smart and trending solution to increase the sense of spaciousness in your bathroom.

Dark bathrooms are out and multiple lighting is hot this year. We see showers having lighting installed within them, recessed lighting around the bath and even floor lighting installed for night time visits to the toilet.

Above all it’s great to see New Zealanders celebrating this small but essential room and finding exciting ways to make their bathroom a beautiful relaxing space as well as functional.

Lack of Wellington Tradesmen May Slow Housing Projects

A number of big housing projects in the Wellington region could be held up by the shortage of plumbers and other tradespeople in the building industry.

In February, Wellington City Council announced plans for 750 social and affordable housing units. And Housing New Zealand recently announced plans to build and refurbish a further 713 houses in Lower Hutt.

Wellington City Council Housing Task Force chairman Paul Eagle said increasing the number of qualified builders was essential in order to achieve its new housing targets. His main concern was that shortages could lead to a serious issue around affordability.

Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO) chief executive Warwick Quinn said forecasts estimated 50-60,000 new construction workers would be required in NZ over the next five years, across the spectrum of trades.

Housing NZ development strategy manager Garry Looker acknowledged there was a strong demand for skilled tradespeople, including plumbers in Wellington, but believed its systems would cope.

Friday Homes owner Mike Friday is struggling to recruit more tradespeople and said he was always looking for apprentices. However he said getting jobs finished on time is also about good organisation and project management.

Here at Wellington’s Jason Brown Plumbing & Gas, we also believe in good organisation and the importance of managing projects on time and on budget. That’s why we can give you regular progress updates – so you know your project is running to schedule.

Tips for Saving Water, Energy and Money

We’d all like to save a little money. One thing you can do is try to reduce water and energy bills. Here are some top tips to help save water, power and money in your home.

Quick showers

Showers account for a lot of the water used in the average household, so by keeping your shower time down you won’t need to heat as much water.

Repair leaks and drips

Leaking water is like watching money drip away. It might not look like much but over time those constant drips add up, so call a plumber to repair those leaks and dribbles.

Use your dishwasher and washing machine wisely

Wait until your dishwasher is full before using it and set your washing machine to use a cold wash as often as possible to avoid unnecessary water heating.

If you don’t have a dish washer, you could put a bowl in the sink and fill that up with water when you wash your dishes, and then use this leftover water on the garden.

Install water-efficient appliances

There are many products available to help you to reduce water usage, from water-efficient shower heads to dual-flush toilets and eco-friendly washing machines, so make sure you shop around or get some advice from your local plumber.

If you do find that you have a leak that needs fixing, or you’d like help installing your new efficient appliances contact the team at Jason Brown Plumbing & Gas.