Tips for Saving Water, Energy and Money

We’d all like to save a little money. One thing you can do is try to reduce water and energy bills. Here are some top tips to help save water, power and money in your home.

Quick showers

Showers account for a lot of the water used in the average household, so by keeping your shower time down you won’t need to heat as much water.

Repair leaks and drips

Leaking water is like watching money drip away. It might not look like much but over time those constant drips add up, so call a plumber to repair those leaks and dribbles.

Use your dishwasher and washing machine wisely

Wait until your dishwasher is full before using it and set your washing machine to use a cold wash as often as possible to avoid unnecessary water heating.

If you don’t have a dish washer, you could put a bowl in the sink and fill that up with water when you wash your dishes, and then use this leftover water on the garden.

Install water-efficient appliances

There are many products available to help you to reduce water usage, from water-efficient shower heads to dual-flush toilets and eco-friendly washing machines, so make sure you shop around or get some advice from your local plumber.

If you do find that you have a leak that needs fixing, or you’d like help installing your new efficient appliances contact the team at Jason Brown Plumbing & Gas.

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