New Zealand’s Top Bathroom Trends for 2017

A nice bathroom can feel like the most luxurious thing in the world. In 2017 the opportunity to renovate or build a new bathroom is seen as an opportunity to create a retreat, a sanctuary for body and soul.

In terms of design, expect to see new ways of separating bedrooms and bathrooms. Instead of traditional fixed walls, movable glass or timber screens are dividing sleeping areas from bathing spaces.

New Zealand's Top Bathroom Trends for 2017

Sculptural freestanding baths and black tapware are taking centre stage in 2017. Often on tiled, or polished concrete floors. Freestanding baths are available in many different styles, from clawfoot to oval based. While black tapware is also surging in popularity, it has been known to develop water marks over time and lose its shine.

New Zealanders are also making the most of small spaces and minimalist designs and simple materials in their bathroom. To generate a greater sense of space, think about installing hung vanities and toilets along with recessed wall cabinets. Wet areas are another smart and trending solution to increase the sense of spaciousness in your bathroom.

Dark bathrooms are out and multiple lighting is hot this year. We see showers having lighting installed within them, recessed lighting around the bath and even floor lighting installed for night time visits to the toilet.

Above all it’s great to see New Zealanders celebrating this small but essential room and finding exciting ways to make their bathroom a beautiful relaxing space as well as functional.

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